Rev. Dr. Bruce R. Rose, Pastor

Quotable quotes

We are not here by accident,

but by divine providence!

For where there is a church with no prayer,

there is no power; where there is a church with little

prayer there is little power;

but a church with much prayer has much power!.

Favorite Scriptures

John 3:16

Psalms 34:3

Psalms 118:4

Rev. Dr. Bruce R. Rose is a native of Terre Haute, Indiana and was born the eleventh child of Nathaniel R. and Anna L. Rose (both deceased).  He attended public schools in Terre Haute. He served a four-year tour of duty with the United States Marine Corps, which included assignments in California, Okinawa, and North Carolina.  After his military career, he attended and graduated from Indiana University School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. He later received his Master of Science degree from Indiana Wesleyan University, where he was selected as the outstanding professional. He earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from the Faith Seminary in Tacoma, Washington.


Dr. Rose began his professional career with Sears, Roebuck and Company in Rockford, Illinois. Later he was employed by the electric utility industry where he served in various capacities of customer service management across the states of Indiana and Ohio. He is the former General Manager of Diversity Performance at Cinergy Corp. in Cincinnati, OH and later was promoted to Vice President of Cincinnati Gas and Electric, a subsidiary of Duke Energy Corp. He has served on various economic development and nonprofit boards throughout Indiana and Ohio and has also served on the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission.


Dr. Rose is the former pastor of the First Baptist Church of Liberty, Indiana, and has served as interim pastor of the Greater St. Stephens Missionary Baptist Church of Gary, Indiana. In June 2003, Dr. Rose became pastor-elect of Second Baptist Church and on September 28, 2003 he was installed as pastor where he currently serves.


Dr. Rose and his lovely wife Renee were married on July 3, 1993.  They have one daughter, Ashley, and three precious granddaughters, Alaynna, Aaliyah, and Alaysha who reside in Kalamazoo, Michigan.